Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling Yucky on a Grey Day

I got a late start to my day today because I'm not feeling so well. My allergies feel like they're going crazy.  It may be because I sat outside till late last night playing scrabble.  I had such an enjoyable time doing that (and I won both games!) so I guess I can deal with these sickly consequences today.  It's just hard to get motivated to move about too much because my throat hurts and my head feels fuzzy.  So while I wait for the worst to pass I'm catching up on my favorite blogs and listening to Joanna Newsom.  I absolutely love her music. It reminds me a lot of Cocorosie.  I feel like someone is telling me little fairy tales set to music.  Here's a picture of her.  Isn't she beautiful? She sounds just like she looks. Does that make sense?
Yesterday I went to see the movie Up.  I've got to admit I'm normally not a fan of these kinds of movies.  I think I'm the only person alive who didn't like Finding Nemo or Shrek. I just can't get into it.  But this movie seemed so different and the beautiful old house combined with the millions of balloons was real eye candy for me.  Those are my two favorite objects.  Why did I never think to draw houses being lifted by balloons?  Though I wouldn't call the movie my favorite I did cry my eyes out through most of it so luckily I was hidden behind huge 3D glasses. It really touched on a lot of things that I'm very sensitive to. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry a little now but it may be mostly because of my foggy head.  Up is a movie definitely worth checking out. The visuals are amazingly beautiful.  But be prepared to cry.  Or at least sniffle a bit.  I admittedly cry easily at movies but this is one that is hard to avoid a few tears.  My movie partner might disagree. He might have even laughed a bit at my sobbing.  It's okay. It was a little funny when I got in the car and started crying all over again while talking about it.   Im sensitive!! 
The other day I found a new blog (new to me) that I have apparently lost.  I thought I stuck it in my following list but but it seems I did not.  Anyway, she posted a photo of what was inside her purse and encouraged other readers to do the same.  Here is mine.  You may recognize the table from the bar photo in my last post. Yes, I did this at a bar.  There was some downtime when people left the table to do various activities.  

In my purse you will currently find my wallet, a book of animal stencils because you never know when those will come in handy, a parking ticket (oops.), my cute kitten calendar that i never use, cigarettes (nasty habit, I know), a beer top, cell phone, chap-stick, lipstick, eye drops, power compact, pen, sharpie (for writing on those gross bar tables), more lipstick (color name: princess), a pile of receipts, notes, and show cards, my ipod hookup for my car, my holga lens cap, keys, a pearl necklace my friend Jane gave me, a headband and you can't see it that well but an egg from a quarter machine with a toy dog inside.  Seriously, I'm like a little kid when it comes to my purse.  I have to have activities and toys constantly so I never get bored!
Post what is in your purse (or man purse for any gentleman readers) and let me know about it!
Hope your day is going well!  My giveaway is still going on so check it out!!


Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

oooh, you should check out this group if you haven't already: http://www.flickr.com/groups/whats_in_your_bag/

I'm sending you something for your purse! Yay! Or for your... table,
for you. Hope you feel better soon.

cabin + cub said...

I am a big fan of joanna newsom too... i could listen to her music on constant rotation for hours and hours ;)

belinda marshall said...

am a joanna newsom fan and a coco rosie fan!!
i feel for you with allergies, it's the pits. have been meaning to enter your giveaway ~ hope i'm not too late!