Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I've Been Working On

I mentioned in my last blog I would show somethings I've been doing in my shop.  These are some collages I've been working on. I thought i rotated the top image but I guess I didn't.  If you click on the images they should get larger.  I've been using a lot of scraps I find in the studio, usually on the floor, to make these collages. I love the ghost girls.  They are fashionable ghosts.
Today my good friend Joanna and I are going to work in my studio together. It should be fun!
Don't forget the giveaway I'm having. I'm excited for this and hope you participate!


caroline said...

one thing i've thought of a long time is: where do you get your inspiration to make so lovely pieces?

A Beautiful Party said...

a lot of my inspiration comes from looking at fashion magazines but I love anything that is eye candy. I love old birthday parties where there was so much attention to detail. I guess I'm trying to create something beautiful but is also a bit bizarre.
thank you so much for asking!