Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been having mini money panic attacks all day about money.  It's going to be a hard summer to get through so I'm doing everything I can to stay afloat.  I decided to offer a 10% discount on already marked down items in my Etsy shop for my blog readers.  If you purchase something, just convo me and tell me you're a reader and I will refund you ten percent.  Every little bit helps, right? Go take a look!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

oh oh oh no now I'm getting panicky too -
if you need money you can't lower the prices -
but if you do you may get more sales -
but if you do you get FAR too little money -

I'm thinking of having a small sale too or just notifying people that I'll have to raise the prices of large prints because the costs have risen :-( bleh.
So far, June has been super slow.

Unknown said...

right there with you sister.

jerry and i already agreed to be on a brown bag diet at frogmans. :)

xo can't wait to see you so soon!