Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm drinking coffee and making lunch in my OWN apartment because I finally gave in and got internet... thanks to my parents of course for helping me pay for it during the summer months.  I'm quite happy. Right as I'm crawling out of this funk I've been in for the past week I can now sit in my own home and catch up on all my favorite blogs.  I've found so many new ones lately and I feel so overwhelmed by how many great ones there are to read.  
A few new ones (to me) are here:
The Moldy Doily  you may recognize this persons work, i've written about her here.
My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses a lot of you may already know about this blog but it's new to me and full of beautiful art!
Cake Wrecks If  you haven't seen this blog yet you just HAVE to check it out. It's so funny. My friend Cassie sent me this way and now I'm completely addicted.  Go look now!! 
If you're wondering who the two little cuties are in the picture I posted I'll tell you. It's an old photo of my two nieces on halloween. Elizabeth and Emily Kate.  They are glamorous girls. I've been missing them a whole lot lately but hopefully I will be seeing them soon.  Just thought their outfits were very fashionable and needed to be part of this blog.
Thank you all for the well wishes from my past post.  I think the rainbow is starting to come out.

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CassieMarie said...

getting together is a must this week!! Want to pick out a sewing project? :)
Your nieces are so cute!