Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Animal Lids!

Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments on my engagement photo! We got the Save-The-Date postcards in yesterday and they look good which is a relief. I was worried something would potentially get lost in the screen to paper translation but it worked out fine. Phew!

Yesterday I had the day off and I really made the most of it. I also inhaled a lot of spray paint fumes but it was all worth it. I have mentioned before my love of the app Craftgawker. I get so many great crafting ideas from this site. For a while now I have been wanting to make jars like these submitted by The Daily Telecraft.

The night before my day off work I was brainstorming ideas and decided it was finally time to make the animal jars so that was my plan. And then a crazy moment happened when my friend Jessica posted this blog on my facebook page and recommended I check this out.
I think the universe was telling me something so I definitely gave it a go.





I bought a pack of animals, spray paint and jars. The biggest pain was figuring out what glue to use. I originally used a glue that I thought worked well with metal but I was wrong wrong wrong! Little animal feets were popping off left and right. I was bummed but not ready to give up. My boyfriend finally suggested epoxy so a made my millionth run to the stores for the day and finally found a proper solution. I'm still a little scared to tug too hard on the animals but I think they are mostly staying in place. I like the gold and silver spray paint best for a more polished looks but may try this again with different colored paint. I have some light cool blue paint that might be nice. I love this project! It's easy to do and the material are very easy to get. From now on every pickle jar I empty is going to be made into an animal lid jar! The possibilities are endless!

I can't wait for my next day off!



flux biota. said...

very clever, ann.

Claudia said...

Wook at those things!

Hannah said...

I love those jars! My favorite glue is E6000. My mom even uses it to repair ceramics and to make little junk collage sculptures, including metal bits.

Unknown said...

Hannah is right! E6000 is just the best of glues, and you don't have to mix it. It always sticks! Plastic, metal, anything. =0)

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