Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Work

I just finished up these newest pieces. I feel like my work is changing and growing very slowly but it is changing. I feel like my work is becoming much more landscape oriented though it may not be a landscape set in reality. I think a lot when I work on these. I was thinking about isolation and worries and doubts. I feel like I pack so much into these pieces the same way I pack so many thoughts in my head. I hope that even though the colors are sweet and sometimes a bit saccharine the work is still tense and a little tiny bit unnerving. I hope.
I am not going to list these on in my shop but will instead hang them at my new job Cracker Jax. If you are interested in the work please contact me.



Plants Growing on Igloos.

Run This Town


Lauren said...

oooh...I love the colors and shapes and forms in these...especially the second one -- so lovely!

A Beautiful Party said...

Thank you so much!

Rachael Bower said...

Love them all-I definitely get what you're saying about the sweet color disguising the uneasiness. Message me a price for the last one, I must have it!

belinda marshall said...

fantastic! i love how you have so much happening in your work. beautiful :)

anna said...

I love it! it's like beautiful candy with a surprising sharp taste, easy to eat but sometimes hard to digest.(I hope this comes across the right way, please remember I'm not an english native speaker:) Expectation and fear seem to go hand in hand..

Claire said...

Very pretty!
I love the colours you chose