Thursday, November 10, 2011

Studio Day Success

Yesterday I had the day off so first thing I did was hit up some thrift stores in search of books. I came away with some real finds. The Salvation Army just happened to be having a sale where 15 books were only $1. Just my luck. I love all those Time Life books.


Also, the Goodwill wasn't having a book sale but I really lucked out with the Family Creative Workshop series find. I'm pretty sure my friends Joanna and Don have these same books and they are always making neat retro crafts.

I keep playing around with this little heart. Valentine?


Here are some pieces that are almost finished. Just a little bit more to go. I'm also working on a print exchange that I am embarrassingly behind on. I feel like I have low printmaking self esteem lately. Do you ever feel that way? I need to start doing more relief. I always liked it but switched to doing mostly silkscreen because it was quicker and much more instant gratification feeling. Oh printmaking!



Do great things with your weekend. Bundle up in the cold. Drink some apple cider. Make tissue paper pom poms and write letters to your friends.

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CassieMarie said...

Everything looks really lovely Ann! :) :) :)
Put a little whiskey in that apple cider eh?