Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Studio Style

The other day I was admiring pictures of my friend Rachael's studio space. I loved the organization and how everything seemed so accessible. Everything she needs is right at her fingertips.
I also love that she has a little studio pet to keep her company. If I want my little critter to keep me company my studio was going to need some work and lots of cleaning.

So that's what I did. I completely rearranged my tables and basically set up the space so everything needed to make art is right by my side. I think sometimes in the studio it's easy to get lazy and not get up and get something you need so you make shortcuts. I once had a painting professor tell me that if you don't put every color of paint on your palette at once you will never use the paint colors you need but didn't put out. So this is my way of putting absolutely all my supplies on my palette. I did, however, put my glitter bottles on a shelf that is a little bit further away from me. A little goes a long way with glitter...

Finally my pencils and pens are in front of the table I'm using for drawing and not so far away!! And by far away I mean they were about three feet away from me before but that seemed soo soo far!!


I wonder how long that thread organization will last. I give it two weeks...





This will always be my favorite space. And the glitter is up high and away from me.

Those beautiful pillows are from LeiLiLaLoo. The cutie-pie dolls are from Project Grab Bag.


I'm hanging on to those Care Bears for my future children. All the rest of the toys are just for me. ( ; The painting on the right is by a dear friend who passed away way too early. I'm grateful I have this beautiful piece. That coin on the top shelf is by Cannonball Press. On the second shelf down there is a framed house (behind the far right camera) on the far right that my friend Meghan O'Connor made for me for my MFA thesis. Click on her name to see her amazing art.


My boyfriend built my flat files. I'm so lucky to have them.

That poster in the top corner was from the show my friend Adrienne curated. It's a beautiful poster. I think her boyfriend Brad made it. You might remember them from the Dreamy, Artful couple post a while back. They are still dreamy and artful.


Sorry I keep insisting on using my Iphone to take pics and they come out grainy. I never have luck with cameras and taking pics. But I hope you get the idea of my new space.

Now I'm going to work work work!!


flux biota. said...

the studio is looking good, ann. funny how you had to put the glitter far away to keep glitter temptation at bay.

prettylittlethieves said...

so nice to see your studio space.

Knotted Nest said...

Your studio set up looks great! Mine needs some serious tidying and you may have inspired me to start this weekend :)
ps - I have the same awesome pink carebear!

belinda marshall said...

you did a great job organising! reminds me i need to get onto that task.
love your pencil holders and all the bits you have in there :)