Monday, November 14, 2011


Good morning! I don't know if you know this or not but there are so many cute things on the internet! Breaking news! Here's a collection of some cutie things that are making me want to get in the studio.

Girlie Pains's Mel Stringer makes all kinds of fun paper craft goodies as well as zines, original art, brooches and more! This little birthday party scene makes my heart beat fast.

I'm wild about all of Jess Quinn's characters.

Courtney Chelo's shop Closer to the Ocean is filled with beautiful and nostalgic collages.

Aimee Ray has lots of goodies in her shop Little Dear but I especially love her embroidery work. The first one is title Rainbow Warrior. Perhaps a Cocorosie reference?

It's really amazing to me just seeing a small slice of the greatness that is out in the world and knowing there's more and more and more and more where that came from. I feel like that means the world is okay because people are out there creating and beautiful things are happening. Sometimes I let the bad news of the world bring me down. Next time I'll just think of the endless beauty that's out there and I'll feel better better better for us all.

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Lauren said...

oooh -- thank you for this wealth of inspiration!