Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This weekend was a productive one. By getting to be creative at work it really makes me want to bring that creativity home and make lots and lots of stuff. Since I had Saturday and Sunday off my plan was to create create create. Friday night I bought lots of tissue paper and by Saturday morning much to my boyfriend's grief the living room had turned into a crafting zoo. Why didn't I use my clean studio space? Because it was clean! And I didn't want to mess it up!

So I made banners. Lots of them. Well, several of them. It can be time consuming...






So, it sort of doesn't seem like a lot now that I post the pics... But one is still in-progress and I am debating switching from tissue paper to fabric. Or maybe just making some fabric ones as well as. It's hard to get the wrinkles out of the tissue paper. I tried ironing them under a towel but that didn't work at all. Any suggestions?

I also made this in the middle of it all...


I had always wanted to take a toy animal and spray paint it a solid color. I love how it turned out and now I may be a bit addicted. I want to spray everything. Help?

That was my weekend in a billion and one pics. How was your weekend?



flux biota. said...

when I was 7 I spray painted all of my plastic horse toys gold. I still regret it.

But your silver animal looks pretty boss. Don't spray paint your ponies!

Lisette Chavez said...

I LOVE the banners...I think some made out of fabric would be really cool though. I'd imagine they'd look more quilt-like which may be really cool!