Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Things To Look At

Good morning! First of all, thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my new work! I'm pretty excited and inspired right now so it's nice to hear I'm doing okay. Here are some (mostly) non-are related things around my place.

I got a "grow your own crystals" kit and I grew my own crystals! It actually worked! Science is so magical.

This pile of crepe paper is waiting to be turned into a pinata. I'm waiting to figure out what kind of pinata I want to make. The possibilities are endless.
I hung these scarves on my window in my studio. I can't quit looking at them.
Studio Window
This is my current favorite little collection. Those are snow globe frames from a craft store. I want to fill my house with snow globe ladies.
These next two pics are just artsy and this is an artsy blog so...


Celebrations are in order! The bathroom at work got cleaned out which means all new stuff at Cracker Jax!! If you're in the area stop by this weekend for the Holiday Open House!

Happy Middle of the Week!


Lauren said...

crepe paper does lead to a beautiful party :) I love the idea of hanging scarves in the window -- i'm obsessed with cotton/silk/knit scarves, and that's a really cool way to store/display them at the same time.

Kim Baise said...

me too, i agree w/ lauren! i love the scarves hanging in the window, especially the horse.

Claire said...

The crystals are amazing!
They actually remind me of your art

Lisette Chavez said...

OMG, those snow globes are the BOMB!

tessa g said...

what was that kit called !! i did it too, would love to find it again..

tessa g said...

i grew crystals as a kid too! what was that kit called? would love to find it again..