Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art on Walls

Hi! First I want to say that I love all the input I received from my last blog. Whether you commented here or on Facebook or in real life I really appreciated hearing your stories and knowing that what I am feeling is normal. It's not often I get that good news!

In my days off lately I have maybe been procrastinating a bit.  Sometimes when I have a big deadline looming my ability to move forward starts to slow down as I become nervous about pulling everything off. So what that means for me is that my house becomes more orderly.  I see that as a plus.  

My husband (still weird!) and I have a lot of artwork and things to hang on the walls but were being slow to get them up because the decisions seemed pretty final.  Finally I got too tired of the bare walls so we started hanging some work.

I got these three sweet art boards as a wedding gift.  They are perfect for extra color in the kitchen and so far are matching all the squash in our hanging baskets.
You've seen this before but I was proud of myself for making the bed so I thought I should show it off. You can't tell but there are definitely hospital corners...(Thanks, Mom!)
Across from the bed we hung some Happy Birthday banners that have been floating around for a few years. I took the word Birth off each one and now we have Happy Day signs. I was proud of myself for figuring that out. Besides these handy banners the bedroom is still pretty bare. I think I want to dye the curtains above the window (seen in the mirror reflection) and we want to frame the mirror somehow. It seems too stark. Any suggestions?
We hung this banner above the TV to keep things festive. I love that when the TV isn't in use it's a clock.
We also hung a pom pom up in the corner and an awesome piece of artwork printed by Cannonball Press. The beautiful painting on the left is a sweet wedding gift from the amazing artist Charlotte Rollman.

Jeremy's parents were cleaning out the attic and brought us some of his stuff including those beautiful horses.  They are my favorite! I love this little corner.
One thing that makes me bananas is all the electrical cords. I feel like on pinterest when you see perfectly styled homes there are never flaws like electrical cords. How do they do it? How do I fix this ugliness?
Here are a few little vignettes that are currently happening. I love making little arrangements.  I think the following groupings are finally where I like them.

The drawing of bunnies was done by my very talented friend Jessica Robles.  We used this image on our wedding fan programs.  The sweet wooden bunny was an awesome find by my just as sweet boss.

 These Anthro animals will be part of my life forever. They watch over the house.  The background painting is by the always amazing Jane Ryder.
 This is the most neutral I will ever be. Ever.  That lovely wooden block was made by Michele Bozak.
 More neutrals if you can believe it.
 I adopted this little monster piece from Carrie Schumacher.  I'm proud to have it in my collection.
 My mom sent me a pic of herself so I made it part of this pink set. There are a couple of cuty shrinky dinks made by Michelle Moode.
 I love these snow globes forever.  I wish I knew who these people were.
So that's it for now. Let me reassure you that every other part of my house is a mess! My studio is so wrecked right now I'm not even sure how to fix it.  I am always in this bind.  I really wish I could be on a TLC show where someone gave me fashion and  organizing tips.

What's your favorite part of your home?


flux biota. said...

I'm happy to be a part of your beautiful home.

Jessica Robles said...

Yay!! <3

robayre said...

ha! My studio is still recovering from the spring sale at Nada farm. But in all honesty, it was never really perfect yet from moving in. It takes me a looooooong time to get settled into a house and to perfect the flow of things. It's hard to explain because in some ways I was immediately comfortable in our house, but a year later we still haven't hung artwork on the walls, or a full length mirror (which I swore I would do immediately). Call me impressed that you have a Charlotte Rollman original. I had her in college and I've always said she's like a mystic. We'd have our one-on-one private critics out in the hall and it was like she was able to read my watercolor paintings like tea leaves and know exactly what was going on in my life.