Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last Night

 Last night was really exciting for me! I got to set up my first ever table for Abeautifulparty and show off my work and maybe make some sales.  I've done many open portfolios before where I have laid out artwork and stood nervously by while people looked through them but this felt very different.  I focused on styling my table and putting together my brand and it was lots of fun.  My job at Cracker Jax has helped me look at styling in a different way.  I learned a lot just from this one table set up and thought of things I hadn't thought of before. This makes me even more excited for the Nada Farm sale.
I used this little shelf on my table and was happy to represent my good friend Katy Seals.  Having her sticker on my fixture made me think of how important it is for us all to support each other. I am lucky to know so many amazing and talented people. I want us all to succeed.  I jokingly thought of making garlands out of all our business cards  or wearing them like a necklace.  I wish I could always be a walking advertisement for my friends. We all talk about some day having this amazing art trailer park where we all live and work.  That would be the most amazing thing in the world. Utopia!
So I realize I'm trailing way off of what I was talking about.  There was a lot of local live music playing last night so my mind was working through all these ideas while I listened to it.
 I was very happy last night to sit between my former boss at Border's cafe and my current boss at Cracker Jax.  Both are creative people that I have been fortunate to learn  from.
Meagen Lee Floral was showing off some of her beautiful creations combing jewelry and headwear with flowers.  I think we all know my desire to alway have flowers in my hair. (If you didn't know, now you do.)
 And Cracker Jax had a beautiful display!  I looked at everything like I'd never seen it before. I'm always mesmerized by the beautiful things we have in the shop.
It was a fun night last night and a neat learning experience.  I'm ready for more and more and more of these sales.  And I need to make more and more and more work!

The Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend. I plan on doing a lot of research there and paying attention to each person's booth and how they set it up. I can't wait!

Talk to you soon!


robayre said...

So what was this event that you had your table at? From the background it makes me think it was something at the Alumni Center? I've gone to a couple events there so that's why it makes me think of it. Sounds like something I would have loved to have attended as a shopper. I need to pay attention to the local news more.
I'll be at renegade as well this weekend. It's their 12th year, and I think the 11th time I've attended. Every year I come home with awesome loot! I love that event and as we said in an email, I wish they had more things like that locally. Maybe I couldn't expect something soooo huge, but it would be awesome to have something even a fraction of the size. I always think I really could organize something that would be amazing, after my experiences with so many dud craft shows, but then I remember about how much hard work really NEEDS to go into organizing and promoting it, and I'd much rather participate as a vendor at said fair. I have often thought that the perfect thing would be for the business school at NIU to work together with the art school to organize something huge. Business students could handle the networking, organizing and promoting, and the art students could sell their wares. This brings me to another topic... I feel like NIU really drops the ball on what is current for art schools. Who knows, things could be drastically different since I was in school. But I've heard about other art schools having their own gallery stores where they sell the work of students. It's brilliant and would give the students so much experience about how to get their work out there.

prettylittlethieves said...

your table looks cute! I am always working on my table/booth set up.have fun at renegade.