Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Today has been one of my favorite days in my studio.  My walls are filling up with color and they are looking like this:

This morning I hit the ground running and started working on these two new garlands.  I finished the top one but I am still debating the bottom one. It's hard to see but the stick on the bottom is completely wrapped in fabric.  I'm not sure if I think the poms on the bottom one are two big.  I'm probably being a little too cautious and weary because of all the time it took to wrap the stick. I need to just make a decision and finish it.

 These are some oldies.  I love how they all look together.  It's making me get excited for upcoming sales!

I finished this piece this afternoon and I couldn't be happier with it! I listed it in my shop tonight and already got a custom order to make one for a nursery.  I can't wait to get started on that.

It's been fun lately in the studio although I am still feeling the usual stress of figuring out how to divide my time. I have enjoyed making all these colorful crafts and filling up my etsy shop but I am also trying to find the time to slow down and try to work on some paintings. My brain has been swirling with ideas and visions but I feel torn between slowing down and working quickly and having finished products at the end of the day.  I supposed I should just be happy with my current productivity and not complain about time. It's beens so long since I have worked so diligently and the ideas keep flowing. 

Okay, so I'll just be happy and let it be. Easy! Right??

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flux biota. said...

congrats, Ann! I'm happy that your finding a balance in your studio. woot, woot!