Monday, February 18, 2013

More Pinterest Recipes

I have been thinking a lot lately about this "recipe" floating around in the Pinterest blogosphere and finally decided to give it a try the other night.  These little frozen yogurt pieces look so yummy, don't they?

One Good Thing

Before I went to bed I opened up a little container of strawberry Greek yogurt and poured in into a ziplock bag and cut a hole in the corner. I maybe could have been a little more artistic with the way I cut the hole and it could have been a bit smaller but it did what I needed it today. I made little drops of yogurt in a container lined with wax paper and then tossed it in the freezer. This morning I was anxious to try it out. 

First of all, mine did not look nearly as pretty as the cuties above. Mine had blobby shapes and were colored a pale pink, almost like skin.  I was able to look past that part though this picture definitely won't win me any beautiful blog awards.  

These tasted ok.  I am still on the fence about how I really feel. I think the Greek yogurt was a bad choice because it is such a thick and hearty yogurt and this one had chunks of strawberry in it. I think If I went with a plain Yoplait yogurt it would have been prettier and tastier.  They were a nice snack at work but they do melt pretty quickly.  I will definitely try it again in the summer. In the meantime I'll just stick to eating my yogurt as it comes. It's good that way!

 In more artsy news I am part of this months papernstitch exhibition!  I haven't had work on this site in a while. I'm pretty happy with my shop right now so I thought it would be nice to try to expand my audience.  I've been brainstorming ideas on where I can go with abeautifulparty and what I can see is that I'm really starting to pay attention to the name and what that really means.  The future feels good!

Check out my shop and all the other wonderful shops exhibiting there. And if you found your way to my blog through papernstitch, Welcome! Thank you for stopping in!

I'm off to sleep and dream about bunnies a streamers and macaroons! 

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