Friday, February 1, 2013

Resolving Resolutions

At the beginning of the year I kept declaring different things as my new year's resolution.  I was like Michael Scott on The Office where he publicly declared bankruptcy and he thought that just by saying it out loud all his money problems were over.  If I said out loud all the things I wanted to change then the resolutions would resolve themselves, right?

I am just now realizing I actually have to physically do those things. Knowing that is half the battle, right? I'm always someone who says when I'm off work I will do all my laundry and clean the house and work in my studio. Instead I watch tv and make elaborate lunch salads and look online. Before I know it my day off is over and I maybe did some laundry?  I am now sincerely working on my follow-up to public resolutions declarations.

Look, I'll prove it. I finally took photos of a  lot of my work and got all these chalkboard animals listed in my shop!



I'm proud, it feels like I accomplished something important. Now I'm going to go make an elaborate lunch but it's only because I really am hungry. All this hard work stirred up my appetite. After lunch more items will be listed! Have a great weekend and get some stuff done!

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Hannah said...

Love that elephant!