Monday, February 4, 2013

No More Tears Baby Shampoo


The other night I met with a former professor of mine and we talked a lot about where I am at with my artwork and how I'm doing with my studio practices.  So.... basically a critique.  It was a well needed intervention. I have been dragging my feet on the paintings I've been working on and not quite sure what to do with myself otherwise.  I was given great advice but mostly I was told to have fun with what I'm doing and make what makes me happy. It seems simple but it's easy to get worried about so many other things that you forget to just make stuff and let it be what it is.  

I want to start making more sculptural type things. I have ideas for large noisemakers and other larger-than-life party supplies.  This morning I was looking at these doilies with balloons that I used to make. I called them dolls and I used to float them inside shadowbox frames.  

So this got me thinking about making about the shadowbox frames I did with the banners and animals inside. You can find this one in my shop here.

And that thought begat this thought... I have been wanting to make big tissue paper garlands but didn't know what to do with something so large so I thought it would be neat to make a smaller scale that would fit inside a shadowbox frame. I sat at my table ready to work and started knocking out different pom pom flowers.

And you know what happened? I finished something in the same day that I started working on it. The only thing I need to do is paint the frame.  This is a final image but it will look pretty different inside a shadowbox.  I have seriously not finished a thing in one day in a billion years. I have not really even finished a thing at all in a million years.  I'm feeling pretty motivated and ready to try out different types of framed garlands.  

I'm having fun!

While on a productive roll I also listed this jar in my shop. It's not too late to get your Valentine a sweet gift.  These heart jars are one of my favorite styles.
I hope you had a super bowl of soup today. I had some chicken and dumpling soup.

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flux biota. said...

nice. it's good to know that professors are there for you even after you graduate. I've been meaning to get at Barnsey and Nason.

Keep up the good work.