Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kickstarter Makin' Art Happen!

 My sweet friend Cassie, or Catherine as she is formally known, has just launched a kickstarter to help her put together what sounds like a pretty beautiful art installation that will know your socks off. Cassie sent me these pictures of a previous exhibition that is a smaller scale of what she plans on doing and told me a little bit about the show...

From Cassie:
It's called wonder. It will be a large scale textile installation created entirely of hand dyed skeins of fiber hanging from the ceiling of a gallery in Kansas City's Power and Light district. 
The show will be in a year. March 2014

The idea for this installation came from a smaller fiber installation I created in May 2012 at the Invisible Hand Gallery in Lawrence KS (which has since moved locations). My show at the Invisible Hand was called A Slice of Light.
 Basically I am doing the same thing in the Plenum Space Gallery. The Gallery in KC has a GREAT exposed ceiling. When I walked in I thought to myself, " This place and this piece were made for each other! It was meant to be. 
Also some more big news that will prove challenging for the life of this piece is that we are going to have a baby girl in about 2 months. I am pretty pregnant and starting to enter the beached whale phase. :) 
But even with a little baby I think a year is plenty of time to get a lot of help and make this piece happen!
 I have worked with Cassie in the past and she's a very serious and dedicated artist.  Her images of her previous show are making me excited to see this in a bigger space and on a larger scale.  I think art is so powerful and when it is overwhelming in size it leaves me trembling a bit.  I love that kind of power it can have.

 Cassie needs to raise $3500 in order to make this project successful. Kickstarter is a neat way to go about fundraising because it allows everyone to contribute even just a little bit and feel like they are part of the art making process.  Many of the great artists we know today would not be as well known if not for generous benefactors who helped them make their work. Think of Marchel Duchamp... what would we do without his greatness?  Now you don't  have to be a millionaire to be part of this.  Every dollar counts.  Check out Cassie's Kickstarter page and see what you can do to help make this wonderful project happen.  Plus! For donating you get to take some of the art home. Wowee!

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