Sunday, February 17, 2013

Post Valentine Heart

Yesterday I had another great creative day!  I have been pushing myself to try new things and am finally putting my DIY board from Pinterest to good use!

I have always wanted to make a mini pinata and the other day I bought this paper mache heart ornament so I finally dove right in with it. I love the results and can't wait to make more pinata-type things.
 It was super easy to do. I used leftover crepe streamers from Friday's Surprise Ball tutorial and cut little bits of fringe into them. The one thing I learned was that it is easiest to work from front to back at the same time instead of doing all front at once and then all the back.  It got a little tricky to tuck and hide the end pieces but it was still pretty easy and mostly a no-fail project.
I also painted jars like it was my job yesterday.  I think I might dip these beauties in gold paint for an extra pop of color.  I love that honey bear. If anyone local saves their honey bear containers I would love to take them off your hands if they're looking for a home.  These jars are all getting ready for a new project I will excitedly be unveiling at this Spring's Nada Farm Barn Sale!

 As I was winding down last night I added a few more items to my shop including this repurposed vintage Avon jar with a Silver horse on top. I thought this would be beautiful on a vanity table as a ring storage.
Avon Horse Jar
 This little faux terrarium was also added.  The flowers aren't real which means they will always stay alive! Oh, and the horse isn't real either. It's just a toy. ( ;
Horse Terrarium
It's time for a different kind of work for me today but I anticipate just as much creativity. Have a beautiful ending to your weekend!


flux biota. said...

The horse terrarium cracks me up! I love it!

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