Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Show!

I cannot believe I've waited so long to post this photos. One of my best friends Joanna Goss, who is frequently featured on this blog, recently had her first solo show in Chicago at Dovetail, a cute vintage boutique and art gallery.
Joanna created works based on the theme of an old summer camp a family member used to run. You can see evidence of that by the window display with the painted rocks and "god's eyes." The show was a huge success and many people made it out. As soon as Joanna starts a website or etsy account I'll be sure to post it. Her works is really beautiful and inspiring.
Joanna's family has a lot of talent. Her brother Andy's band The Giving Tree will be performing tomorrow night at a Best Buy in Chicago where they will be releasing their new cd. If you are in the area it will be at the Bucktown Best Buy at 7:00 p.m. Meanwhile check out their webpage. They are an extremely talented band, one to keep an eye on.


mimi said...

i'm sorry i missed it and think i may need to get another ms. goss to add to my collection! i'm eyeballing one in your photos :-)

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

That looks like so much fun!
Guess what?
I got your package today! YAY! I had a pretty sucky day - nothing worked, I kept making mistakes, dropping things, spilling. Then I picked up your package and went to the beach to open it and my day (evening) turned around! Will blog later tonight or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely time!
Totally strange but I love the cluster of white balloons!

A Beautiful Party said...

wow! i didn't even pay attention to the cluster of balloons in the back. thanks for pointing them out!