Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House on the Rock

I spent the whole day at The House on the Rock yesterday in Wisconsin. If you haven't heard of it click on the link for awesome pictures and info. It's basically a house built by Alex Jordan that is very similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's work but I think Mr. Jordan's house is better and more interesting. He then began a huge collection of bizarre and strange finds. He added warehouse like buildings onto the property to house his collections. Unfortunately I did not have a camera so I could not get many photos but the link shows photos of what you can find there. I did get a video on my phone. The lighting is terrible but the music is very eerie. Some of the rooms were huge scenes with musical instruments but no one to play them. If you put in a token they would play themselves. My travel companion and I were very eager to hear the music in this room but we ran out of tokens so we sat and waited until finally someone came along and started it up. It ended up being worth the wait. The sites and sounds in this room were a bit overwhelming. Click on the video to hear for yourself.
The House on the Rock was an amazing adventure. If you are near the area I urge you to go. It took us about four hours to explore the whole place. I could definitely go back and spend more time there!

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