Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go Green with The Giving Tree Band

Tuesday night I went to see The Giving Tree Band at a Best Buy in Chicago. What an amazing show! These guys deserve every bit of success they are receiving. They just released an album that is sold in Best Buy stores. You can purchase it here. I promise it is absolutely worth it. This band knows how to put on a good show and every song will make your knees a little week. They are also an environmentally conscious band. The CD was made in a solar powered studio and made of recyclables. Read about all their efforts on this cd here.
I know people don't buy a lot of CDs these days but this is one definitely worth purchasing. The music is good, the album art is beautiful (created by Jen Husted), and the message these guys are sending is one that a lot of people should be paying attention to. So if there is one cd you buy this year consider this one.
Check it out:
The CD in stores now.

The Poster for the show.
A little clip...

More band goodness...

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