Monday, August 3, 2009

Une journée dans la vie

In high school I was in a french class and we had to make a children's book on all in french called A Day in the Life and then we got to choose who we covered.  My good friend Michelle and I were pretty snarky back then so we covered a poser rock star and made a pretty cool pop-up book.  Now I'd like to translate this idea into blog form, minus the snark of course. For my very first Day In The Life blog I'm excited to show the day of Maria-Thérèse Andersson ofAfiori.  Maria-Thérèse has been mentioned on my blog several times.  You'll remember she was the sweet lady who sent me an amazing package of fun stuff in the mail.  She is an artist that works in many mediums.  Without further ado here is... Une journée dans la vie...

I wake up and then I snooze for about an hour. I can't really think or speak before I have my breakfast. Black coffee, a sandwich, some fruit. 
Then I take a look at what I worked on the night before, answer e-mails, check my Etsy shop, my bloglist, my statistics, read comments from my readers and so on
The first few hours I tend to do practical stuff but sometimes I start to create things right away. Today I cut a lot of paper and started to make new mixed paper books. Then a coffee break, then finished the books. I eat lunch late, or dinner early depending how you look at it. Anything vegetarian / vegan, for instance pasta with tomato / olive sauce and halloumi. 
I go for a walk, buy groceries and mail packages. I like to go for walks and listen to music, if I want to be alone, or I go for a walk around town if I don't mind being around people. On this particular walk I listened to Björk, Josh Groban, Lily Allen, Karin Bengtsdotter Olsson and Janis Joplin. I met a lot of dogs. 
I take photographs of new items for my shop and then I keep working on my photography, writing or whatever else my inspiration tells me to do. I work according to my inspiration because I feel it's really the only way and I get more things done if I don't try to force myself.

Today I pondered my next project while eating chocolate ice cream. Then I did a photo shoot with a theatre / masquerade theme. (My model won't work unless you give her chocolate.)
At night (summer nights are freakishly light where I live, in Härnösand, Sweden) I upload and edit photos for my Etsy shop and start to create listings, which takes too much time, if you ask me. Then I update my blog, see what's happening on the internet and continue to work on whatever I've been doing during the day. I also like to watch a good film. 
Before I go to bed I renew listings in my shop, have tea, write and read a bit. Around 1 a.m. I start to think about going to bed and if I'm lucky I fall asleep within an hour or so.

Thank you, Maria-Thérèse! Are you interested in documenting your day for my blog? Contact me!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

ooh, I'm on your blog! Looks great with the different fonts! Yay! I'm very proud and happy to be your first Une journée dans la vie - interviewee!

♥ maria-thérèse

Artsnark said...

Always a pleasure to hear & see more about this talented artist

Snap said...

I agree with Art Snark ... always a treat to learn more about Maria-Thérèse! Fun!

Sara said...

I love this post. It is such an amazing idea, and Maria-Thérèse is such an amazing person.

Don't you just love her? I DO!

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Great artist, Maria-Thérèse, and a great new feature on A Beautiful Party! Thank you for sharing! :)

Flying Whale said...

what a fun idea! Maria-Therese is absolutely adorable!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Great idea and very inspiring to read how other artists spend their day!
Maria-Thérèse is a very inspiring and lovely person.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I do hope that our hostess will also do this!!! :) :) :)
Thanks again for featuring me. SO much fun!

lisa butterworth said...

what an awesome idea! i love sneak peeks into people's days.