Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art and advice

Two things.
First of all, my friend Vicky has this amazing shop on Etsy that you should check out. Click on the link to see her handmade birds. She starts with a handmade plaster mold that she slip casts. She then glazes each piece and the kiln takes care of the rest. These lovely little birds could be yours for a very affordable price. Click here now!

Second topic. I've been spending the past week applying for jobs. I've done the coffee shop rounds, book stores and cute boutique. It's a little stressful, especially because most of the applications are online so I don't get a chance to make an impression. I'm just another application in a pool of apps. I really want to get my Etsy shop in shape and put more time and energy into it now that my thesis show is over. What I need is some advice. To those of you who are working full time or mostly full time on your blog and shop how do you do it? I read so many blogs of people I admire, mostly women who do this full time. Any advice for a girl who has big and beautiful shoes to fill?
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


SARAH said...

Wish I could help you out there, lady! I'm in the same boat.

Your friend has a very nice shop, thanks for sharing :D

Maria-Thérèse said...

If you want to do it full-time, you have to decide it is what you want & will do. You have to be super active and renew several listings a day. I'm still hoping to become a featured seller :-S You need a bit of luck too but mostly I think you need to make sure your work gets seen.

Why are you stepping away from art in your job applications? Perhaps you are more of a realist than I am, and it's good to have a bit of an extra income - I want it too - but do you really want to work in any of those jobs or do you want to work as an artist?

Maria-Thérèse said...

...because - if you want to work as a professional artist you have to DO IT.

Michelle Elisabeth said...

The birds are so lovely!

Last year I was working full time, while working (almost) full time doing Wedding photography; at the same time! If you're really committed, it means evenings and weekends are poured into your passion. Hopefully it takes off, and down the road you only have to do the job you adore.

Best of luck ♥

Cat said...

Good luck on the job quest.

It is so sad today that everyone hides behind their just don't have the opportunity to make the "in person" impression any longer...which is such a shame as that is what really sells ourselves!

anna said...

Yes, good question!! I am paying careful attention to the anwers. I love what Maria-Thérese says 'Just do it'! I think I'm going to write that on my wall. (Its scary, I know..) Have a great weekend!

Mira Reisberg said...

Hi Anne

Kelly Rae Roberts has been wildly successful and helped a friend of mine become wildly successful too. I've signed up for her e-course

Might be good for you too. I've got a little adjunct job but would love to not have to get a "real" job. Much as I love teaching am not so fond of institutions. love Mira

hannah said...

Just found this inspirational: