Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summertime Giveaway

Since I've been updating my shop so much I thought it was time to also have another giveaway. So... I picked out this little drawing that is 4.5" x 6.75" and made with gel pens and markers. This is my thank you to you for being such great bloggers and readers!
Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite artists. You will be counted twice if you post this giveaway on your blog. I will randomly select a name on May 23.


SARAH said...

Ooh, fun! One of my favorite artists of all time is Frida Kahlo. I really dig her style.

Oh, My Darling said...

Great pieces! I've always been obsessed with Andy Warhol.

Hannah said...

I'm really into Walton Ford lately. Yummy!

Kitty said...

I worked at a museum and my favorite piece to visit during my breaks was a mural by Sam Francis. I could go on and on...this is such a great question. And a lovely giveaway to boot.

Fritzi Marie

anna said...

interesting question but I just can't choose..

North of 25A said...

Hello! One of my favorites is Winslow Homer.

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Fun fun fun!

Wow, it's so hard to pick just one artist!

I've mentioned Kandinsky before as being one my greatest influences, and then there is Darger, but in a way, I think that Jim Henson embodies most what I admire in an artist... does that count? :)

Shout out over at my blog for your giveaway!

Ian Oliphant said...

of late, my favorite artist is chaim soutine--an often-overlooked, but highly-talented expressionist painter that lived hard, died poor, and left behind some beautiful works of art..