Friday, May 21, 2010

Yesterday I I felt like I was thisclose to getting a good job and now it sounds like it may not happen. I'm going to remain positive. Fingers crossed on both hands and toes crossed for good measure. Hopefully I'll hear something today.

Here's something for you to hear. Have you seen the blog Run With Scissors? Run's blogger Janel is absolutely sweet and charming and posts the best pictures. She and her husband want to adopt a baby in the near future but it's so crazy expensive, but Janel came up with a great way to raise money. If you want to sign up to help she will send you a baby bottle for you to throw your spare change into. The bottle is a nice reminder of how important this fundraiser is. After reading just a few posts of her blog you will want to sign right up and do what you can to help. Go here to read more about it. Even if you don't sign up this is definitely a blog to add to your favorites!
Tonight is our closing in Chicago. If you are in the are stop by between 5-8 at 230 W. Superior in the River North area. It's going to be a lot more relaxed tonight. We'll have some bottles of wine and good company. If you can't make it I will certainly do my best to take better pictures!
As long as the weather holds up Cassie and I are going to hit a bunch of yard sales today. I'm trying to find a couch. I want a green couch. Like a grandma green couch. ( :

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