Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Read

The past few days have been really busy and a little bit stressful but my boyfriend and I just signed a lease on a house that will be ours ours ours. I'm so excited to finally have a place. It's a really cute two story white house with a big back yard that's perfect for gardening. Now I just need to find one of those pesky jobs so I can afford it...
In the meantime I discovered this amazing anthology by Nicole Georges. Maybe you all know her already, I sometimes tend to be the last to know about someone, but she is quite spectacular and has a great sense of humor when creating her stylish zines. I got the Invincible Summer volume 2 at Quimbys. I've been trying to read it very slowly because I want to savor it. Since I've been feeling so down lately this has really inspired me to get up and keep at it. I ordered Volume 1 today from her Etsy shop. All her work in her shop is very cheap and affordable and absolutely darling. Explore her website here and get to know this spectacular artist.
Also! Don't forget (because it's my job not to let you...) Summertime Giveaway here...

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Amelia said...

Oh hello. Lovely findings - thanks for sharing :) Here's hoping you feel a little better. I have been feeling snowed under by tough times recently . . . but we soldier on.

Oh and a house - that the best!! Happy gardening :)