Monday, May 10, 2010

Old Times

I just realized that in all this time I've had this blog I've never mentioned Sabrina Ward Harrison.  This is an artist I discovered years ago and I have always been in love with her work. It's a bit of a serendipitous story.  I found an article in an old Jane magazine that featured a couple of her pieces and I carried around the pictures in my sketchbook.  This was before I had any internet savvy so I never thought to look her up online. I just admired the two pictures I had.  One day during a drawing class we all had to bring in an image that inspired us and I brought that magazine cut-out. I don't even think I knew her Sabrina's name then, I just had the image.  A girl in the class recognized her work and said she saw a book by her once.  This amazing girl went and bought the book for me.  It was such a sweet gesture and an amazing beautiful book that really helped encourage and inspire me in the class that I really was struggling in.  The book was called Brave on the Rocks and it speaks so eloquently to young girls in a beautiful mixed-media journal style.  Sabrina has sense released several more books.  I ran across her newest book yesterday in a boutique and it made me realize I have never mentioned her here. I haven't looked at her books in forever and going through them had the same feeling as hearing a song that you haven't heard in years and you are suddenly transported to all those old feelings.  I was and am truly in love with Sabrina's work and I remember just how encourage I felt to jump in with collage and mixed media and go for it.  Her honesty in her books made me feel comfortable and like she was an old friend.  From the research I've done on her it seems she has had this affect on many people.  If she is new to you please explore her website.  I hope you feel the same love that I do...


Kristen said...

I adore her work as well!! Her work has one of those magiacal connections like I feel like she rummaged through my brain and cut and pasted my thoughts into a way that is tangible and easier to understand. It's like if I had only thought a little bit more about it, this is what I would have come up with, but the fact that someone else did it almost makes it more special. It's hard to describe, though I'm sure as an artist you've had a similar connection to works as well. I'm so happy that you posted about her work, as I haven't thought about it in a while and am excited to see what she's been up to.


A Beautiful Party said...

I'm so glad to see someone as connected with her work as I am. It's neat watching her work grow because I can see her growing up in it while I'm growing up as well.
Thanks for commenting!