Friday, July 19, 2013

Big News

Hi, y'all. This post might get a bit wordy but I promise to try to be as funny as possible and show lots of iphone photos for those who hate blogs with too many words.

 I mentioned in the past that some big changes were coming and now they are finally here. After lots of careful thought and plenty of nervous stomachaches I decided to quit my job and work full time on my business.  The record just screeched to a stop....  Crickets...

I'm super excited but also very nervous. I left a great job where I learned so much and felt like I really grew a lot from the experience.  That gives me the confidence to go forward with this crazy little plan but it's also scary to leave something good. For the past few days I keep walking around in a daze like I'm forgetting something. I have had lots of anxiety and even dreamt that I found a job working as a barista and it came as a huge relief.  I guess I'm just scared I'm going to blow it.

My studio doesn't look like this anymore but it's still not in great working shape.  I have never been a great homemaker but I am trying my best.

Look, I organized this ribbon collection.

I have had a few custom orders to fill so that has kept me busy.  I am also planning lots  of new things for my blog.  Today I realized I kept writing this post in my head but I kept thinking I'll start Monday. Finally I realized that is not a good way to kickstart this dream.  I was doing what I always do which is pick a different day to make a change.  No time like the present.

I am looking forward to a routine that fits in exercise, cooking, blogging, reading blogs, art making, shopkeeping, bunny time, friend time, and husband time.  I'm not looking forward to housekeeping but it's the deal I made with my husband.  Wasn't it David Sedaris who said no one likes to do housekeeping but eventually you have to grow up and do it.  Or something like that.

I am putting my pinterest addiction to good use and am finally making lots of new and yummy recipes. They tend to photograph kind of blobbish but they are good and nutritious!

Check out this horrible looking smoothie I just had for lunch. It was oh so tasty but oh so gross looking. 

I am working on lots of new dreamcatchers and re-working previous dreamcatchers.

Here's another one!

I re-worked this one. I like it better now.  I think it even gives you better dreams now.

Everything I have written here has been said by me over and over again to anyone who would listen. I realize I have this constant need to justify what I am doing.  Again, I am so super scared but at the same time I'm not sure what I am so scared about.  I realize I have to get over myself and just do this and if it doesn't work out then I just do something else.  The world keeps spinning.  So, sorry if this post is coming off as being whiny. I promised you humor....

It may not be super funny but while I was visiting my parents I went to the county fair with my husband and uncle and cousin. We had fun riding all the rides and the people watching was the best.

Maybe someday I can work for the carnival and do all the art for their rides. Geez, dream job!

Alright, y'all.  This is it, don't get scared now.  It's 2:00 on a sunny Friday afternoon and I really want to call it a day but I won't!  I'm going down to the studio where I will try to turn it into a better workspace. That's the plan. Also, it just occurred to me today that I also have to remember to shower.  No, I'm not a gross person, but how many of you mostly shower and wash your hair when you have places to go and people to see?  How many of you skip that step when you're off work and are going to be home most of the day?  This is something I had not thought about before.  So maybe I'll just go take a quick shower first.
Another example of my organization skills.

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry it took me halfway through the post to realize how whiny I sounded.  I'm done whining, I promise!

Have a great weekend.  I am doing an art market sale on Sunday at a local flower and garden shop.  If you know me IRL hit me up for details!


crackerjaxshop said...

You're just thinking out loud...and BRAVE enough to share it with the WORLD!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome. I love your statement "I realize I have this constant need to justify what I am doing." I noticed the other day that half of my blog posts are always justifications for silly stuff like buying a notebook or writing about my car or drawing something or another or not doing something. Blogs are good listeners, at least. Excited for you! Lets be blog buddies and Skype friends. I need to finish my "kitchen print shop" series, now "kitchen printshop moves to arabia"