Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Sale

Yesterday I set up shop at a local flower and garden store.  It was a beautiful setting, I was right across from a small waterfall and koi pond.  It was a fun day and I met neat people that do lots of artist markets  so I definitely got some useful information.  I'm excited to start doing this more often. It can be a little nerve wracking but I'm getting better.  I'm naturally a pretty outgoing person but I'm much more introverted at heart than many people suspect.  I feel like when I do these sales I don't know how much to talk to "lookers."  I know some people just want to look quietly and will ask questions if they are interested but others like for you to tell them about your process unprompted.  It's hard to know when you're talking too much and not enough.  Oh, and did you know that I worry about the tiniest things like how much to talk to a person? ( :

My friend Robyn kept me company for most of the sale which was awesome.  You can see in this picture below a water bottle in a grey rubber skin.  I tragically broke the bottle at the end of the day. That is how I thank my friends.

I made these re-usable balloon sticks that I thought would be fun for kids but I haven't had much success with them. I feel like I'm not displaying them properly but I am sort of stumped for ideas. At the last sale I had balloons in each stick but the problems were that a) I think people thought it was just decoration... and b) I had to pop all the balloons at the end of the sale. Sadness.

For this one I put a balloon in one stick for display and put a selection of balloons in a bowl so you had control over what color and stick you got.  When I was a kid (and maybe also as an adult) I could not pass up a balloon. Especially a bowl of balloons! Ack paradise! But maybe I am the exception. I'm still figuring it out. Any ideas?

At the previous sale I sold these little poppers empty so that the buyer could choose what they wanted to put inside and give as a gift. For this sale I filled them with little toys so that the buyer gets to have all the fun!  I love making these. I plan on making many more this week. I think for my shop I'll do some with toys and some without.

My day ended with a sweet message from my friend Courtney letting me know that she included me in a fun treasury.  Click on the treasury to see details and links of all the products.  Thanks, Courtney!

Thanks so much to all of you who sent me messages of encouragement regarding my last post.  It felt good reading your notes and made me feel like I really am making the right decision... although last night I did dream again that I applied for a job as a waitress.... Today my plan is to take photos for etsy and start filling my shop full of goodies.  My friend Janey and I start our version of a couch to 5K workout early this morning and it was just the boost I needed to start this week strong!  I hope you have a great Monday and are looking forward to the week ahead!

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