Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Custom Orders and Figuring Things Out

In the last month or so I have been working on several custom orders. I like feeling like I have homework assignments because lately I have been dragging my feet when it comes to purely creating things for my shop.  I am not lacking in ideas but I may be lacking in self confidence.  It's a struggle I often find myself having especially when I am trying to make something new.  It has taken me far too long to get some new things going and that is getting a little discouraging.  My teachers in school would say to just keep making stuff no matter what the result may be.  I always get so hung up on things being too precious and afraid of messing something up that I forget that I can try again. I can also scrap the idea and move on to something new.  Today my plan was to get a lot of new things started and instead I finished up projects for others and now I feel lost.  

It was fun waiting to find out the baby's name before I could finish this sweet banner. 

I did make my first pot roast in the crock pot so that makes me feel a bit successful. I can smell it now and it is making my mouth water.  Yesterday's shopping trip went really well. I came in under budget after going to three different stores.  I can tell I am going to start hating Mondays.  This week I no longer feel like I am eating scraps. I have also managed to not blow all of my weekly allowance yet but it is only Tuesday.  I promised myself I would not go out to a restaurant and blow it all on overpriced wine but I may spend a little on some ice cream.

I was asked to make ten of these jars for a wedding. These color combos are killing me!
I am running now! Slowly. But I am running! And today I finally broke down and bought real running shoes.  Don't worry, they came out of the necessity fund.  (The fund also used for buying coffee.) I am getting things in order in the non-creative part of my life so why can't I apply that to the creative part?

This color combo forever.

I am guilty of always feeling like I have to have everything figured out right away or I'm doomed to fail. It's nice when someone tells me I don't have to do that. It's like a little gift and I can relax for a second. But only for a second because I really do need to get things figured out!

I was asked to make a dreamcatcher fit for a unicorn's lair. Mission accomplished?

This is so diary-ish. Let me give you something.  I stumbled upon this blog today and it's super beautiful. It's called The Flower Drum and I came across it by following a pin on pinterest.  Fill your eyes up with all the eye candy. 

Still waiting to find out if this passes the test. Fingers crossed.
Fifteen more minutes and it's crock pot time!!

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