Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Work Clothes

Here's a side note for the day.  I got new work out pants and started my new "job" at the same time.  Normally my work out wear consists of an old pair of sweatpants that I poorly cut into shorts and whatever random shirt I can find. My sweatpants/shorts are purple and usually my tees are a completely different color so I generally look like a frumpy clown when I am working out. I don't care. I'm working out, obviously I will look better later.  But my sweet Mom found out about my awful clothing choices and bought me an amazing pair of grey work out pants.  These have changed my life!  They fit well and are a nice neutral color and I honestly want to wear them all the time.  I kind of have been wearing them all the time...

Today I remembered to bathe. If you will recall I mentioned that showering has been a challenge. If I do not plan on going anywhere all day what's the point of dealing with my hair?  Ok I seriously promise I keep myself clean but not to the extent you would if you went to work every day and sat next to people. After washing and drying my hair I put on make-up! And contacts! And kept my hair down! And picked out a new dress (also a sweet gift from my mom)!  I had errands to run and I felt like the world did not need to see me in my activity pants again.  

I love to dress up. I will overdress for any occasion.  I am not above wearing sequins to any kind of event where most people are wearing jeans.  This is a new thing I am learning with this new "job." You have to dress for the job you want and the job I want is one where I wake up every day and make lots of fun things and blog and cook and sell my goods online and at sales.  I am my own boss and I am issuing a dress code.  No activity pants at work. Except maybe Fridays. I'll definitely have casual Fridays!

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Rachael Bower said...

Yes! I find myself to be more productive in my studio when I fix myself up. And I second the overdressing for any occasion-sequins always welcome.