Thursday, July 25, 2013

Etsy Questions

I just took finished up a photo shoot with two more dreamcatchers and got them listed in my shop.  In the past hour I went from feeling good and excited for what the day had in store to being filled with lots of anxiety and self doubt. Plus I think that first pic is blurry but I can't tell! 

I promised no more whininess for the day so I won't write a diary's worth of feelings.  I just had this mini existential meltdown where I thought about how many people in the world are trying to do what I do and how do you get a leg up? I wish I could know.  

That's all I'm going to say.  I'll internalize the rest and have a small cry while singing the saddest song I can think about and then I'll make myself get over it.

Meanwhile, I have a question for you folks who list stuff on etsy.  I have been struggling with the description part because when I am making a lot of the same thing how can each description be unique?  Are you okay with copying and pasting the same thing for each item or do you try to write something different? I can only think of so many things to say about dreamcatchers until I feel like I'm being way too cheesy.  What do you do?

I promise eventually this blog will not be so "Me" heavy. I have been talking with lots of people about featuring them here and I am excited about what's to come.  Now I'm off to sing that song I was talking about.


Arthurs Plaid Pants said...

Great stuff Ann. I don't think it sounds cheesy. You can copy and paste the info. and use if for all of the dream catchers but to make them different maybe give them names? Buyers get easily confused and many of them don't even read the descriptions (unfortunately) so it would be a cutesy thing if the first line of the description was something like the name of the dreamcatcher or somethning else cutesy. Then the rest of the description/info. would be the same.

Hannah said...

I agree with the above comment, "You can copy and paste the info. and use if for all of the dream catchers but to make them different maybe give them names?"

Do it, Ann! I know exactly how you feel. If I hadn't happened to get this job, I would be trying to do the same thing. This whole last semester I went through a sort of crisis where I worked several part time jobs and tried to do the etsy/art sale thing.

I felt like I was just getting going (starting to get views, a sale or two, and about to do an art fair), and then life changed again! But I'm sure I'll give it a crack again in the future.

Don't be ascared! You are going to do great. Lots of people are trying to do what you do, but you are doing it. I think doing it full time is a great step in the right direction. Make yourself a schedule and try to stick to it, but don't beat yourself up if some days you get less done.

Not that I know much, but my advice is to find your "power zone." Mine is at 5:30 or 6:00am. If I get up then, I get a ton of stuff done by 9:00am before I am even awake enough to start doubting and getting confused about what I should be focusing on. Yours might be in the middle of the night or something. Find it!