Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Terrible Photos to Document the Day

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to work in my studio and it was truly such a mess that all I could think about was cleaning it.  Maybe what I was really doing was procrastinating but it was a successful procrastination because I finally cleaned and organized a closet that has been a catch all for odds and ends since day one.

Today I finished up cleaning and organizing and even took a picture to prove it. This is seriously possibly the world's dumbest picture. It is a vacuum hose sucking up a star. It is blurry because my hand was shaking.  The carpet in my studio is atrocious. I will definitely not be winning styling points for this one!

This afternoon I took a much needed break and caught up with a dear friend.  I made tea and she made yummy delicious kind of healthy peanut butter chocolate chip grain free cookies. We talked and talked and I felt much more motivated to work hard and keep at it in the studio.  Despite the lovely visit I would also like to point out what a horrible photographer I am!  In my mind I thought I was taking this gorgeous shot of us sitting outside on a breezy summer day.  The cookies and tea seemed like a beautiful snack.  If I described this moment to you you probably weren't picturing an overturned chair in the background and what the bag the cookies came in looked like. In a perfect picture the cookies would be arranged on a pretty vintage plate and there would not be a discarded popsicle stick on the table. I might even have shoes on. 

 I know I am showing real life but I really do want to be one of those people who only eats pretty food on pretty plates.  I want to be someone who is not too lazy to pick up an overturned chair.  I want a table that has been spray painted gold and does not have random price tag stickers from something else stuck to the tabletop. Kudos to Bryanne for her pretty sandals adding a touch of class to this pic!

I recognize that these are not real problems but a girl can dream, right?

Check out Bryanne's blog for some real beautifully styled inspirational pics.

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