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I have always been a lover of coffee table  and DIY books.  Flipping through their pages make me feel inspired for days.  It is a dream of mine to put out a book someday.  I would love to fill it with beautiful pictures of beautiful things and write all kinds of beautiful words about the beautiful things.  That's all I need to say to a publisher and they will give me a book deal, right??

Here are a list of some books I have and love and a list of books I want oh so bad.  If you have some of the books I want oh so bad let me know what you think about them.  Tell me if they are worth dreaming about until I can get my hands on them or if I should keep looking for other books to boost my spirits.

Find & Keep is one of my absolute favorites.  Beci Orpin's world is filled with so much color and cutie pie crafts that will make you smile. Her book will inspire you to put googly eyes on all your favorite plants and make paper puppets of girls falling in love with bears.  What more could you ask for?

Find and Keep
I picked this book up at Cracker Jax and knew immediately I had to have it.  It has many beautiful ideas for interior design. Right now our house has all white walls and I am a little intimidated to paint them.  Homespun Style is giving me lots of ideas for getting out of our white wall rut.

If local to Cracker Jax pick up a copy there or order online.
I am a huge fan of Abbey's blog Aesthetic Outburst.  I think I have read it since the beginning. I first discovered her work while I was in grad school and she really motivated me to get in the studio and make things.  Her book is beautiful and the crafts are tons of fun.  Many of them are great to do with kids so check this book out for fun rainy day projects.  

You Are Awesome

This is another book I discovered at Cracker Jax. I was not familiar with Sibella Court but now I cannot get enough of her.  She's an amazing stylist and this book features many of the thing she has collected over the years.  All the details will make you weak in the knees.  Sibella lives in Australia and owns a shop called The Society Inc. I would love to be able to see the shop in person someday. Meanwhile this book keeps me satisfied.
If local to Cracker Jax pick up a copy there, or order online.

Books I want oh so badly...

I have been dying to get this book from the maker of Hello Sandwich from the first moment I laid eyes on it.  It was originally printed in Japan but is now available in the US.  The author, who goes by the name Hello Sandwich, is an Australian born artist living in Japan. She teams up a lot with the Martha Stewart company and makes the sweetest things I have ever seen.  I discovered her and Beci Orpin at the same time as they have a very similar aesthetic.  Someday this book will be mine and and I may just sleep with it under my pillow. See more sweet things on her blog.

Hello Sandwich
 I have a book from the Meet me at Mike's series by Pip Lincolne and I like it okay but this one piques my interest much more.  I like all the different projects in Make Hey and there is something about the aesthetic that is calling my name.  I do not know as much about this book so I am not as gushy and dreamy eyed but I know I want it. Yesterday.

Make Hey! While the Sun Shines
 This is another in the Meet Me At Mikes series that looks good. I have desperately been wanting to learn how to use the sewing machine that is collecting dust in my studio. The project ideas in this book are all the motivation I need to pull out the instruction book and get to work.

Sew La Tea Do

Some days I get in a bit of a rut and think I'll never have another crafting idea again.  A book like this would be good for those days.  It would also be a great book for doing crafts with kids.  Someday when I have kids, whether they like it or not, they will be crafting 'round the clock.

 Dottie Angel is another blogger who seems to live a pretty dreamy life.  She inspires me by how much she is always creating and making the world around her more beautiful. I know this book will be another one I would sleep with under my pillow. It would give me so many sweet dreams.

Granny Chic
 I'll admit I do not know much about State of Craft but while I was researching the other books this one got recommended to me. I am guilty of judging books by their covers (literally, not metaphorically when it comes to people.) and this one seems right up my alley.

State of Craft
What books inspire you? Which ones do you sleep with under your pillow?

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