Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Treats and Sweets!

Yesterday was my first official full time day at my new job.  No one told me when you work for yourself you don't get paid overtime!  I put in a full day that extended well into the night but it felt great.  I felt like I was really getting stuff done for once.  I am terrible at doing a little bit of work, picking up my phone to look at facebook or pinterest, feeling like I need to look up some actors on IMDB, getting back to work but then remembering I wanted to know something else about said actor and so on...  I once mentioned that I work best when my phone is across the room and I am too lazy to go get it.  How did people procrastinate before smart phones?  Do you think pilgrims procrastinated?  Am I possibly procrastinating right now by going on this long diatribe about procrastinating?

Anyway, the point is that I am getting a little better about plowing through the work and waiting until an official break to look up an actor's full movie history on IMDB.

Here are the new things in my shop. You can click on each image for more info.

I am in love with making these little party poppers. I want to make them every day for the rest of my life.

As part of my new "job" I also sat down and tried to work on budgets for grocery and other lifestyle needs.  Do you know that is super hard?  My husband and I are ready for a lifestyle change when it comes to food but it is a little bit scarier and mildly depressing. I have to figure out new ways of thinking and eating.  Tomorrow I am going to the grocery for the first time since thinking this way.  I am super nervous about it.  I have been reading blogs and searching for lots of online advice. Anybody have any suggestions?

I made this video yesterday for kicks. I love that instagram has a video option now. I may be a wee bit guilty of overusing it.

Today my goal is to make several new things.  I have had some ideas but it's time to sit down and do them.  I also have some new dreamcatchers to finish. I'm supposed to go to the pool and swim for an hour which should not feel like a chore but it kind of does.  

Have a good day today.  Eat some pizza if you can. It's not in my budget. ) ':


Hannah said...

Love this new work! Your photography is looking great, too! What kind of food changes are y'all making? I've been doing primal for about a year now, and it's been great.

Rooted Mama Health said...

I can't tell you how often I check IMDB for a random actor or trivia on a show I'm watching. I would say it's probably super distracting but my husband is worse than me ;)