Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making Lists Like Successful People.

I saw a pin not that long ago on Pinterest that had a list of all things successful people do. I did not do many of the things on that list. I was a little embarrassed to realize that. I went to find the pin to show here but apparently I did not even pin it. That's how bummed I was. One of the things on the list was to make lists. Obviously whoever made that list is successful.

 I did find this while I was looking. It was something that I pinned not long ago and promised myself this would be my new mantra. After yesterday's post I realized I was quick to forget it. That's probably on the list of things successful people do... remember mantras.

Before I even came across this again I was feeling pretty guilty for venting my frustrations. I am getting to follow my dreams and I am complaining about being scared to make things. What a nerd! I have to get over myself and pronto.

 So today I am going to start making lists. Number one on my list of things to do is dye coffee filters. This tutorial caught my interest and I have had a huge stack of coffee filters waiting to be dyed. I don't know if I will make flowers with them but there are a few ideas up my sleeve.


Courtney recently gave me the idea to make wands so I will start investigating that as well as:
Spray paint seashells
Work on favor boxes I have been avoiding
Wrap a lampshade in fabric

These things all seem feasible.  The coffee filters will not take a long time and will have to dry for a day. Spray painting seashells will take minutes. The favor boxes I have been avoiding will take the longest time because I will probably still avoid them for the better part of the day.  I have a craft date with Robyn tomorrow night so I will use it as an opportunity to force myself to work on it.

That reminds me... Also on my list... finish cleaning studio...

I am going to do this day hard.  I'm going to quit complaining about dumb things and quit worrying that I'm not good enough. Who cares if I'm not. If I work hard eventually I will be. New mantra... I'm going to write that down.

Happy Wednesday!

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robayre said...

I LOVE this post! Mostly because I love lists and because when you said you were going to be working on your own I told you that I always write dreams lists of what my schedule would be like if I got to work on my own. Then I sent you a little sample list of what your days should look like, lol. That was my attempt to live vicariously through your adventure into self employment.
Does the fact that I write lists mean I am a successful person? Ha! I think it just means I am super forgetful and if I don't write it down it never gets done. Kind of like how I started plating an old film job at work yesterday, turned on the vacuum for the machine and then never thought about it again until this morning when my manager said he got a call last night that it was running away.
I do however like the idea of a list of things highly successful people do. I want to track down that list now.
Will Courtney be joining us tonight? And what time shall I show up?
P.S. I do the same thing, adopt a mantra and then completely forget about it. But, then I read Eat, Pray Love and was really interested in the yoga prayer mantras and adapted the idea to make my own 3 word mantra and that I repeat to myself - Create, Adventure, Self-love. Since then it has stuck.