Monday, July 29, 2013

The Weekend Wrap-Up

Good morning!  I hope you had a great weekend.  If you are living in an area where the weather has been cooler than usual I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. It made me feel like Fall is here and even though I do not want to wish this summer away but a taste of Fall here and there is pretty nice. 

My weekend was a little break from this new world I'm living in.  I spent Friday afternoon crafting with  my friend Courtney. She gave me lots of great advice on how to schedule my days to make the most of what I am doing.  I look forward to these crafternoons as they are a good way to work and stay focused while also getting to talk to a real live human being.  One of the challenges about working at home is that if you are not careful it can be to easy to lose human contact.  My rabbit is sweet but she's not the best at having deep conversations.  

Friday evening my town had a parade.  I was excited to scoop up lots of free candy but I was next to an overzealous kid so I didn't want to be the jerk adult that was competing with child for tootsie rolls.  Next year if I do not have a child of my own I am offering to take someone's kid to the parade because I have noticed they really only throw candy at the kids. Do they not think about the thirty year old who is on a serious budget and just needs a little bit of sugar?

I have decided Saturdays are cleaning days.  I am not a natural homemaker so this is a little bit of a challenge for me but there is no better feeling than having a clean house so I am accepting that I have to work for it.  I deep cleaned two rooms in the house that I have been avoiding for a really long time.  One room hasn't even been touched since we moved in.  It became the room where I shoved everything when I had company over.

Since we were still eating scraps I made a bowl of baba ghanoush for lunch which was yummy but also a little depressing since it was all I had been eating for a week. I decided to trick myself by having it in a heart shaped bowl. It made it 100% less depressing and 120% yummier. I have found the secret to dieting.

Here's where I had a break.  Saturday night I was rewarded for all my hard work with a little get-together at a friend's house.  It was filled with amazing company and every calorie I could possibly pack in.  I think I ate like I hadn't seen food in ages.  

This amazing cake was our desert.  I died!

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. The weather was so cool, it felt like the kind of Fall morning where you sit around and drink coffee and smell different pumpkin scented candles. My gal pal Janey and I squeezed in as much time together as possible because she may be moving soon and I will be pretty lost without her.

The weekend was perfect. Now it's back to real life.  I do my first big grocery trip today and I am a little nervous but mostly excited for new food in the house.  I have lots of projects to be working on and several to finish up today. I also have a sweet lunch date that I am looking forward to.

If you didn't see it on Friday Katy Seals did a wonderful write-up of her day in the studio.  Check it out here. I have three more scheduled days to share with you and will hopefully have more in the coming weeks. If you are interested in documenting your day, get in touch with me. It's fun to take a glimpse into others' lives.

Have a sweet Monday!

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robayre said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Keeping happy and productive.

What? Janey's moving :(
It makes me sad that she is leaving because I like her, but also it worries me because it just one less thing keeping you here.