Monday, August 26, 2013

Dreamy Sunday

You guys!! I had the dreamiest day yesterday! My friend Robyn found a Makers Mini Conference hosted by Lillstreet Art Center, Dabble and Renegade. It was all about turning your "making" into a career.  It began with a panel that included Marco of Alapash Meaningful Terrariums, Katie Mills of Lady Faye Jewelry and Nora Renick-Rinehart of Fiberista Nora.  Each of the panelists are navigating their way in the world a little differently so it was nice to have a few different perspectives on how to grow your business.  I got to speak with Marco after and was blown away by the wonderful advice he gave and how willing he was to share.  I could not have been more grateful.

I failed to get a pic of the actual panel talk. I was too engrossed! This is the before.

The Lillstreet Loft was a dreamy building.
Later that afternoon Robyn and I stuck around for a handmade paper ornament workshop hosted by Esther Ramirez of Essimar. She was the absolute sweetest and the craft we made was fun and exactly what I need to make me feel more refreshed for my own studio work.

We started by painting kraft paper so that our ornaments would be even more personalized with handmade papers.

This was a pic I took of one of Esther's ornaments.

I loved being able to throw down paint without having to think too deeply about composition.  I knew I would be cutting this up into pieces so I focused the most on having a lot of interest happening in every space of the page.  I was also thinking a lot about Bugle boy clothing from the 90s because why not?!

Once that was finished we cut out scallops and glued to a newspaper ball we had formed earlier.

And finished!

The class was fun because we got to chat with a lot of people who are also interested in growing their business and it felt like many of us were in the same boat. It's comforting to find other people who are still trying to figure things out and make their own way in the world. 

Another awesome thing was that I got to meet a pretty neat gal whose blog I have been following for a couple of years.  Sarah of Westervin was there helping run the show. She's so sweet and her blog has always been a favorite. I'm excited for her as she seems to be working at a very dreamy place.  

I still feel like I'm floating in the clouds. Yesterday was just what I needed and I am grateful to Robyn for letting me tag along.  Today I did my grocery shopping early and now I have the whole day to craft and get ready for an upcoming show.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Sounds super fun! Sometimes it's really great to be creative along with other people and not just alone in one's studio.

Sarah West Ervin said...

Yay! I'm so glad you came and enjoyed it! It was so nice to meet you, and yes, I am working in a pretty dreamy place ;)