Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ice Cream for Real

Yesterday I saw a girl walking with a bag of groceries and I could see a frozen pizza in the bag. I was so jealous.  At the moment I was really hungry for lunch and I knew she was walking home and was going to make that frozen pizza and it was going to be soooooo good.

It probably wasn't that good but who knows.

Since we have started budgeting our life we are also working on eating better. We are not on diets, necessarily, just over-hauling what we eat.  Needless to say there are no frozen pizzas in the freezer. If you want one around here it comes out of your weekly allowance.  It's not so bad. I went home and made chicken and cous cous for lunch and forgot all about the pizza.  The hardest part to get used to is cooking all our meals. We no longer have a lot of grab and go foods so if you are hungry you have to prepare and make something.  I rely on laziness to not overeat. 

We have had a lot of changes around here and so far so good. It took me about a week to be grumpy and depressed with the food and money thing. I desperately want to buy a new dress or a new purse. All my purses are old and in various states of disrepair. Ok so my dresses are all fine but I still want a new one.  My birthday seems so far away.  But in the spirit of counting your blessings instead of your burdens I know that the balance for blessings is way stronger (did I say that right?).  Mostly because I learned how to make ice cream with frozen bananas and peanut butter.  Okay, that is not my biggest blessing but come on! Ice cream from bananas and peanut butter!

-Grab those bananas off your counter that are starting to become too ripe. You are not going to eat them anyway so cut them up in one inch pieces and throw them in the freezer (put them in a container first, duh). 

-After they have frozen put them in your food processor with a scoop of peanut butter (I try to use as little as possible. Maybe a hearty teaspoon) and turn it on. 

-If it is not getting as creamy as you like you can put a little milk in but it is not necessary if you want a vegan treat.

Auuuggghhh!  It is so good it hardly seems healthy.  With an indulgence like this I'll choose it over frozen pizza any day.  Can I eat some for breakfast? I might.

In my studio I am making messes and figuring things out.  I feel like I am basically starting on a whole new body of work and it is a little intimidating in some ways.  I am excited about what I am doing but I sort of do not know where I am going with it so I definitely have some moments where I feel lost.  All I can do is keep at it and I think the big picture will reveal itself to me. By Friday I would like to start taking pictures for Etsy.  Fingers crossed that I can meet that deadline.  

See that bowl on the left side with brushes sitting in water. I left them like that overnight. Gross.

Have a good day and I'll see you here tomorrow.

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robayre said...

I can't wait to see what your project is.
I have seen similar things with this icecream from bananas and it looks so good! People swear it tastes just like icecream and I was suspicious because I don't like banana. My sister however, LOVES banana and she made the recipe and said it tasted like banana. I can't remember if she said it was good or not because I stopped listening after that. #brokenhearted