Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spirit boards, Vision boards

Last night my crafty friend Robyn came over and we worked on vision boards. I have so many other things I needed to be working on but the minute she said vision board I said "I'm in!"  We both listen to the amazing podcast After The Jump with Grace Bonney from Design Sponge and her previous episode was about living the life you want to live (is this a theme in my life lately?) and she and her friends all made vision boards.  At first I was skeptical on the idea but the more they talked about it the more I was digging it. I liked the idea of mindlessly looking and grabbing everything that appeals to you and thinking about the whys later.  It's the original pinterest!

Robyn pointed out that I kept calling mine my spirit board which is hilarious. I kept getting mixed up on what they were called and I know I was also calling them inspiration boards.  I think all those words are perfect. But I do especially love spirit board.  

Here is mine. You can click it to enlarge it.  There is a mini shrine to an older lady who is dressed very stylish.  I know that appealed to me because I think a lot about aging but hanging on to your youth and keeping that with you. My BFA show was all about the connection of younger and older women and how one came from the other.  Obviously there is  pizza... but the one I show looks healthier than one from Pizza Hut so maybe that will inspire me to make more homemade pizza.  There are balloons and swans and flowers because I need those in my life at all times. There are a few more things that I do not feel like analyzing. Draw your own conclusions. I loved doing this.  Next time I would like to have a bigger variety of magazines. We mostly had Robyn's Martha Stewart magazines which felt like a shame to cut pictures from and my Nylon magazines. I'm a teen girl at heart.

I grabbed this pic from Robyn's instagram. She didn't finish her board but when she does it's going to be so good. She was much more thoughtful about hers and methodical.  Hers is a real vision board.  I like that she made lists ahead of time about things she wanted to think about while creating her board.  If she'll let me I'll post an update when it is done.  I'll probably use hers as my real vision board, too. I feel like we are working on the same goals.

Today my spirit board is on my studio wall ready to guide me in my work.  I'm also going to make black beans so that feels important to note. I'm new at making beans that aren't canned!  Tomorrow I have a great studio day prepared for you from a very sweet friend.  After tomorrow's post I do not have any more studio days lined up so I am kind of at your mercy. If you like the idea of documenting a day please get in touch with me for details. I love posting these and I feel like people are loving reading them so let me know if you'd like to do it. I'll be your friend forever and put your work on my spirit board.

Have a good Thursday!

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