Thursday, August 1, 2013


I was getting very lonely in my studio. I'm excited about what I'm working on but it's funny how lonely you can get.  Thursdays seem to be the worst for that kind of feeling. It's like I hit a wall and can't take another solitary day.  But I took a break and stepped outside and the sun hit my face and I feel a million times better. I think I need to start scheduling an afternoon sun break every day.

I talked earlier about seeing some stuff that really got me inspired.  All morning I have been working on this box.  I want it to look a bit like a flowers bouquet and a bit like a cake. I keep calling it the cake box. It is still in progress. I felt like I needed to take my eyes off it for a bit while I think about how to finish it. There will be a little garland strung from one straw to the next.

A couple of different things inspired this.  I have been loving flowers like crazy lately and have seen a lot of beauties online.

The last two weddings I was in the brides made their own bouquets. It was fun to do but was truly hard work.

In a perfect world my house would be filled with piles of flowers every day.  I would have gardens full of them and they would attract butterflies and birdies.  Since this is not that world and I do not have a green thumb I will instead admire the work of others who have a way with flowers. 

Bryanne Polacek is a dreamy florist whose blog is filled with beautiful photos.

The Flower Drum is killing me with their beautiful floral world.

Lovely collection of succulents at ohnoRachio

Another thing that has inspired me in my studio is the discover of the Tanabata festival that happens in Japan.  What a magical event! It is a Japanese star festival that celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi.  According to the legend, the Milky Way separates the two lovers so they can only meet once a year which is the seventh day in the seventh lunar month.  My favorite thing about this festival is that people write wishes on paper and hang them from special bamboo trees or from other decorations.  Can you imagine a tree filled with wishes? Magic.  I love the decorations for this festival.  They take my breath away.

Click on the images for sources.

Source unknown. Anyone know who to credit?

Flower design and the Tanabata festival are the two things currently inspiring my new work.  Despite feeling a little lonely in my studio I am really happy with the direction I'm going in. Some day I hope to be decorating for parties with talented florists and a team of people hanging crazy fun handmade decorations in every corner.  This is my dream!

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bryanne polacek said...

I am so glad we are commited as frans forever because YOU inspire me ALL THE TIME! Thank you for the love. You have really made my day. See you soooooon!