Monday, August 5, 2013

Mondays Love Etsy

Mondays have got to be good for something, right? Why not make Mondays a good day for loving etsy shops?  It's so fun to stumble upon an etsy shop that you love.  I found Mary Storvik's work through her sister-in-law Suzi's facebook page.  She was proudly showing off all the neat things her SIL was making and I loved it!  Mary is a high school math teacher that has her hands in a lot of crafty pots.  She co-runs a craft club with a teacher-friend as well as co-runs a project online called Scrappy Blanket Love.  When she's not too busy crafting, Mary blogs at Crafty Goodness Crochet and keeps up with her facebook page and instagram

I am absolutely crazy about these sweet "collages." I love that she combines different types of materials and processes to make these little wall hangings.  They are not currently in her shop but hopefully they will be soon. I think they will fly off the shelf and onto someone's wall pronto!

Mary's shop is mostly crochet goodies. I have always admired people who can crochet and knit. It is a process I think I will never have the discipline to do.  Mary learned how to knit in 2006 but remembers the exact date that her mom taught her to crochet... Thanksgiving of 2007. It took her about three hours to learn the basics and took off from there.  Her cutie-pie dog Fronk is modeling her first scarf.  That blanket in the background is her first blanket... mind blown. ( :

One Skein Crocheted Scarf and Hat

Of course I love this bunny hat!

Anthro inspired rainbow flower scarf.

Anthro inspired rainbow scarf.

Flowers with buttons.
Mary told me this bit about herself and I think it's something many fellow makers can understand:

And you asked why I do what I do. I'm not sure. I just feel this weird urge to make make make. It's why I sell my stuff - I usually dive into projects with no one in mind. It's like I just have to "get it out."

Baby Rainbow Blanket
Heart Coffee Cozy

Fronk modeling an awesome blanket that looks like one of my favorite old school nintendo games... Q-Bert
Check out Mary's shop to see so much more.  Her energy is clear when you see all the great things she has for sale.  For more images of her work past and present you can find her at Flickr.

Thank you, Mary, for perking up this Monday morning!

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