Monday, December 14, 2009

I have exciting news. I have my shop up at paper n stitch this month. If you're still looking for some holiday gifts I'm a fast shipper with plenty of beautiful party pieces. There are also many other great artists in the exhibit. Check it out.

Has everyone seen Fantastic Mr. Fox yet? If you haven't run run run to the movie theater. It's so beautiful it's worth it to see it on a large screen. I absolutely adored this movie. I think I smiled the whole time. Plus my boyfriend and I found a pretty cheap theater to see it in so that made me smile a lot, too. If you don't catch this in the theater put it at the top of your netflix queue. It's so charming and smart, just like a good Wes Anderson movie should be.

One last great bit of news. I won my first giveaway and it was by the ever amazing Jackie Bos. I've been loving her work for a while now so this was a fun giveaway to win. Anyone else winning good giveaways this season?

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