Monday, December 21, 2009

I just want to take a minute to say how stunned I was to hear about Brittany Murphy. I know people get annoyed with celebrity culture and people paying too much attention to celebrities and I'm not trying to be annoying. Regardless of her celebrity status I think this was a very tragic death. I grew up watching Brittany on TV shows and movies so I guess in some ways she symbolizes growing up and the friends that come and go during that period. I think that sometimes celebrities just serve as the face of things going on in each person's lives. I think Brittany was very charming and it's so tragic that her life took such a bad turn. It's tragic when this happens to anyone. I know I will use this time to ultimately reflect on those I've lost in my life this holiday season and find some way to turn that into a positive. For those of you going through the same thing I wish you all the very best. And lots of fudge and happy holidays.

Thank you all so much who gave such great advice on my last post. It was very encouraging. Last night my dad and I had a conversation about life and other important things and we agreed the best thing you can do for a person is be encouraging. I can definitely say there are so many encouraging people in my life including all my amazing blog readers. Thank you all so much. I only hope I can extend the same amount of encouragement.

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Happy Holiday Week!

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