Monday, December 7, 2009

If we promise to pay you back will you spot us a pizza?

I ran across a picture online of Courtney and Drew and started reminiscing the 90s. Those years were my real coming of age years and though part of me is so grateful to be out of that time, part of me wishes to relive it over again. I miss when these two were such a hot mess.
I took these next two pics of Drew to my hairdresser constantly trying to get this hairstyle. It never ever worked. I was just awkward and always just missing the style train. Finally I realized just getting Drew Barrymore's haircut didn't mean I would look like her. And my hair has no curl so it's never going to happen. By the way I only recently realized that.

Remember Sassy magazine? I was reading Sassy, Teen and Seventeen at the time but Sassy always seemed like the coolest. It covered all the bands that I loved and don't forget the movie Fear and the infamous roller coaster scene that left us all scandalized.
Every night I stayed up late and watched Alternativenation with Kennedy. Crazy, republican Kennedy. I really fancied myself a girl with huge amounts of musical knowledge. I was such a diehard for the music during that time and the fabulous videos that went along with it.
Like remember being so creeped out by the Black Hole Sun video by Soundgarden?

And I loved loved loved this video by Nada Surf. It was sooo cool.

And everyone remembers the Blind Melon bee, right?
Reality Bites was my all time favorite movie. I think I also worshipped Winona Ryder's hair in this movie. The mid-90s were a great time for hair. Anyway, I was only in my teens during this time and I wanted so bad to be the slacker twenty-something that this gen x period really catered to. I wonder who I would be if I really was a gen x-er. I feel like I can almost taste that time in my life and that longing I had to be older, different, cooler, have better hair... I feel like I can't exactly pinpoint a scene that makes up my generation. The gen x time was all about music, slacker intellectualism, flannel and combat boots and short haircuts. What generation am I? What is our claim to fame? Please don't say Spice Girls and leggings as pants and celebutard culture. You don't have to say it, I think it's a given.
Lets all create a new generation that feels meaningful even if twenty years from now we look back and say... "That haircut just never worked on me."
"To Pizza..."


Jessica Robles said...

oh ann, we both share a love for 90s stuff.....and i like that. :)

Lauren Simone said...

oh friend Kim and I had a Mark Walhberg was terrible!


i put your greenhouse piece in my treasury because it's one of my favorites!

Maria-Thérèse said...

Your hair looks too thick to be styled like that... I had completely forgotten about Drew and Courtney Love!!!

hannah said...

Ahh Nada Surf!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Ah this made me rather nostalgic too. I am a child of the late 80's and early 90's and fit neatly into that whole Gen-X package. Complete with combat boots and a short haircut. :)

Great post! Crap... now I'm feeling old. ;)