Thursday, December 10, 2009


I think that Lady Gaga is my current muse. Some people want to write her off as just another musical pop tart but I think she's really amazing and bizarre and weird. She's a pretty girl and could just be a pretty girl but she doesn't seem interested in that. Her fashionable tastes are weird but seem genuine. It's not like when Katy Perry sang a "scandalous" song about kissing a girl and then you realize she doesn't actually kiss a girl in the video. She's just being another girl who wants to attract guys by showing how wild she can be. Lady Gaga is likely not going to attract your average guy by wearing a gown that covers your face. I like that she doesn't care about that. I'm a little afraid that when it's all said and done with she could eventually be a total fake and fraud. I don't know why I feel so cynical but I guess it's just the whole too good to be true feeling. I like Lady Gaga's music but most importantly I like her attitude and style. I hope it's real because it seems real.


Maria-Thérèse said...


Let's talk about HER instead of boys!!!

I listened to Lady Gaga all last week when I made crazy amounts of new books - she seemed to suit my inner pace. I think I've listened to Bad Romance five times today - and I normally never listen to dance music / whatever label sounds appropriate. I really think she IS special.

Vanessa said...

I must say I really don't know much about her except what I see of her in magazines etc. My daughter did comment on a picture of her recently though, she said 'why is that man wearing womens clothing?' (Out of the mouths of babes!) I do love her bravado though.