Wednesday, December 2, 2009


After last night I'm starting to feel like I'm too old to go out to the bar for long periods of time. I guess this birthday hit me pretty hard.
So while I laze around today and recover I thought I would share some Thanksgiving photos.

The night before we had my family birthday. This little guy seemed to like the birthday cake the most.
We went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner on Thanksgiving day. This was just one half of the dessert table. I think we had more desserts than dinner food. My cousin Sara made that delicious carrot cake. It was so yummy! My sister made a chocolate chip pie that tasted just like my Grandmother's. We loved it.

More yummy deserts. My cousin Mary brought the very neat looking butterscotch pie. The meringue looks like an octopus trying to jump out.Before we ate we did a series of toasts. That was fun. Sort of like our way of saying what we're thankful for. Only you drink after each thing. Kind of like an adult drinking game. ( ;

My dad made his usual famous deep-fried turkey. Everyone always loves this.

The Turkey freshly fried.

My aunt's beautiful table decorations...

And some of the food after we had all had our share. We packed some up and took it to various people so we luckily didn't have too much waste.
This was my first thanksgiving without my granddaddy so that made things a little tough. But I think we all rested easy knowing that where ever Granddaddy is Grandmother is not far from him. And that's really what I was thankful for this year.

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