Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wow! I'm so overwhelmed by all the comments on my giveaway blog! Thank you all for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. It's been really fun reading people's favorite movie quotes. I'm trying to think of my own favorite. My two favorite movies are A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Both movies have so many great lines. I think I'll tell my favorite quote on Christmas day when I pick a winner. I probably won't be able to pick someone until later in the day so feel free to keep posting until then. Thank you very much to paper n stitch for posting my giveaway on their blog. A big shout out to Brittni who runs the site and does so much for the blogging/handmade store community.

The picture I posted is of me taken today at a U of K basketball game in Lexington, KY. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a sporty person at all. I went to the game with my sister and her husband and kids. It was a lot of fun even though I had to ask a lot of questions (what makes you go into overtime? what happened? why are they cheering?) and I felt sorry for the other team who did not have a crowd of people there to support them like U of K did. This is why I don't like sports. I can never pick a team, I always root for the underdog. But I'm glad I got to spend the time with my family.

Coming soon, I've been going through a lot of my high school artwork. A lot of embarrassing things to show. I can show a few things but some I'm just too embarrassed about. I definitely went through a fairy phase. I'll take some photos and post them soon.

Hope you all are having happy holidays! If you don't celebrate the holidays then I hope you're enjoying a fun break!


Cassiemarie said...

I think i will pick up some of my art from home over break to do the same thing! haha
I am sure I still have things from elementary school as well - haha...

Maria-Thérèse said...

I like fairies! I wanna see! Merry Christmas!!!