Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Beginning of Something

So this is what I'm working on in the studio. Since last year I've been wanting to build a playhouse of some kind to display my work in. Since my work has so much to do with having a home and the comfort and permanence of home this seemed like the right thing to do. Honestly I set the idea aside because I was too overwhelmed by the project. I could tell my faculty really wanted me to do this, they seemed to express that at my last crit. I still pushed the idea aside out of fear. But then Cannonball came and you saw what all they did. Just watching those guys in action and seeing how they make their large sculptural pieces come to life made me realize I had to quit being a scaredy-cat. Now, with the help of my amazing boyfriend, I've started creating my house. This is just the beginning of it though I did decide to make it only have three walls because I thought it would work better in the gallery that way. I'm excited to start figuring out how I will cover the walls. I was originally going to make wall paper but now I'm starting to think fabric will be the better way to go.
Here are some pictures of the basics. I've started taking my artwork and placing it in the house to get an idea of what will go where but all that will change when the work gets framed. What do you think? Any suggestions or feedback? No one has really seen it yet so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
EDIT: To Elizabeth, in regards to the last post, I'm sorry I said you gave me hot dog fingers. I meant that in the nicest way ever. I love your hot dog fingers drawing. ( :


flux biota. said...

this is definatly the beginning of something great. check out jeremy house by the clayton brothers. may give you some ideas.

anna said...

That is gonna be great! It must be so much fun to design & make it! Is there also going to be carpet or something on the floor? What about holes/framed 'windows' to let the light in? Excited to see how it's going to be. Have fun :)

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks! I do plan on installing a floor. i'd like for the floor to have a bit of a step up so to seperate it from the gallery floor and then I'm not sure whether to do carpet or not. good questions. I'm also not going to have windows so i'm still figuring out a way to light it. Hopefully that won't be too hard to figure out. thanks for the comments!

Amelia said...

this is fabulous and I too would love to do something like this. Ever want to collobrate with a person in the UK?! ;)

My first open house was at home and I cleared out the whole of downstairs to display work, and was so excited to exhibit in a domestic space as this is intrinsic to my work.

What you are you going to cover your walls with?

What is it you feel about home/domestic spaces? as you could do something on the floor/walls etc that reflect these feelings/sentiments . . . .

Look forward to seeing the progression.


Claudia said...

Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god!!!!!